About Zahra Cooks


Hello there! My name is Zahra and these are the stories and recipes from my humble little kitchen. For years I’ve watched my mom make countless meals from scratch for our family of six¬† and I thought that feeding just two people would be simple. Who knew that it wouldn’t be! Watching someone cook doesn’t mean that you can automatically whip up wonderful creations for dinner!

During the summer of 2008, my husband (who is also my wonderful webmaster!) became a vegetarian and that switch has ultimately made me a de facto vegetarian as well; that was also the summer my cooking endeavor began. We got tired of eating stir fry all the time!

I would say that, as of last year, I couldn’t cook. Being able to make a single meal is much different than being able to put a homemade and (somewhat) nutritious dinner on the table night after night! As I’ve become more proficient in the kitchen, I decided I needed to chronicle my successes and failures… from delicious pies to that sad, yeast-less pizza dough. If I can go from zero to pie in a year, you can too!

Thanks for following along! Feel free to leave your mark before you go, I’d love to hear from you!