Scrambled Eggs

This is how you make scrambled eggs that are delicious. Why? Because eggs are good for you. Duh.

But really, what I want to share with you, dear internet, is this: I had no idea that delicious scrambled eggs held a secret, and I will share this secret with you today.

They’re cooked over low heat.

Shocking, I know. But I honestly had no idea. I thought that the high heat would cook ’em just fine, and cook ’em fast. But contrary to the hard and rubbery gobeldy gook that is the result of my laziness, I’ve recently discovered that the low heat creates a much creamier and less rubbery egg.

Here’s what you need:

Scrambled Eggs, Sexy Style

Some butter
Some eggs
Some salt
Some pepper
Optional: Some heavy cream or milk


Since this is already a very precise recipe, I will not number the steps to create this egg masterpiece. First, get a hold of your favorite butter. I’ve been favoring this Mediterranean Blend these days.  Why wouldn’t I??

In your saucepan, melt the butter over low-medium heat.


When the butter’s all melted, crack your eggs. Now, I’m weird and I like to tell the difference between the whites and the yolks, so I let the whites set a bit before I break the yolks and start scramblin’.


Right before your eggs are cooked to your desired consistency, sprinkle on the salt and pepper. I don’t really like pepper on my eggs, so I only do salt. But again, I’m weird.


Right after the salt and pepper, bring on the cream! 1-2 tablespoons should be sufficient. If you’re watching your figure these days, milk makes a mighty fine substitute.

Toss everything until everything’s nice and smooth and luscious. About 1 more minute should do.


Serve with Cinnamon Toast. Enjoy!

PS. Cinnamon Toast recipe coming tomorrow!

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