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New Camera!


I got a new camera… finally! And I realize this is my recipe page but I”m too excited to include this is the less-used Zahra Does section… I don’t do all that much I suppose.


I’ve been chasing after the cats for the past 3 days and taking their pictures to practice.


Who knew an SLR makes you feel that much more powerful when photographing your new Baker’s shoes?


But for now, the cats tire or my endless picture-taking.


They might leave soon. Just to take a nap.

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A Setback

This past weekend in Austin was awesome in many ways. Here are some:

– Great view from the hotel. Awesome.
– Watching the bats come out at sundown. Awesome.
– Seeing “Wicked” live with awesome seats. AWESOME.
– Having a stuffed avocado. Awesome.

Here are the ways it was not awesome:

– 100+ degrees everyday. Not awesome.
– Not having cash for Peter Pan mini golf. Not awesome.
– Having my old but trusty Coolpix kick the bucket. Definitely not awesome.

So there you have it. My poor camera has broken and now how will I take pictures of what I make?? I plan on posting recipes and such, but as for pictures, those will have to wait until I am ready to buy another.

Oh how hard it is to wait.

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