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Snow Kitty

Sorry… This isn’t that recent. It’s from about three weeks ago when we had snow.

In Texas.

We  had snow. In March. Crazy.


During this snow, we decided to let the cats out onto the balcony so they could explore. Dante was very cautious about it all but dipped a paw or two into the fluffy cold-ness.


We couldn’t grab the camera fast enough, but Bella came out into the snow as well. She ran out after Dante thinking the 4-5 inches of white stuff was just normal and ended up belly-deep in snow. And then, of course, freaked out and ran back inside.

We have smart kitties.

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Baby Nicholas

Photo courtesy of Vic Cherubini!

Neil held a baby for the first time since he could remember this past weekend! We were all very proud.

Nicholas Lansdale Cherubini was born March 26th, 2010 at 6 lbs 2 oz. Neil and Vic worked together not too long ago so I got to tag along to the invitation to go see Vic’s new baby boy. And I’m not gonna lie, I was so super excited. I was feelin’ all emotionally charged that I cried on the way out of the hospital. Happy happy tears of course. Hormonally charged tears. Baby-wantin’ tears. You know the kind.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go tend to my baby urges by eating a lot of chocolate. You know the feeling.

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Norooz Mobarak!!

I think Norooz 1389 (this year) has been the biggest one yet in the Nourani household. It fell on the weekend after Spring Break and we had plenty of time to prepare for it.

Haft seen

This was our Haft Seen (spread with 7 things starting with the Persian letter “S”)

From the lower left and going clockwise, we had:

1. Sonbol (hyacinth)
2. Sekkeh (coins- they’re in that pedastaled crystal bowl, I promise!)
3. Somagh (sumac)
4. Senjed (dried fruit of the Lotus tree)
5. Serkeh (vinegar)
6. Sabzeh (wheat sprouts)
7. Seeb (apples)

Our spread was made complete with Chili, our maahi (fish), tokhmeh morgh (eggs), sha’m (candles), shirini (pastries) and Deevaneh Haafez for a subsequent fortune telling (for lack of better translation of the Persian word faal) from the poetry of Haafez.


My dad is the poetry buff, so he was charged with the task of taking the faal.

According to the Persian tradition, on Norooz (the new year), one will hold a question in mind and then ask Haafez for guidance through his poetry. The question is to be a broad inquiry to set the mood for the upcoming year. Traditionally, the first line that catches the eye of the reader will give the answer to the direct question (the poems are divided and labeled as good, bad, and neutral) and the rest of the ghazal will give further clarification.


At the start of spring here in Texas, it snowed. So we brought the tulips inside.


It was a great year for presents. There were tons of them!





I think it’ll be a good year. The spring started with snow and today there is a high of 65. Texas weather, you’re amazing.

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My Brother’s Masterpiece


It snowed quite a bit in Texas this year. It was a welcome change. But I’ve already written about that.

What I do want to share, though, is how talented my brother is.


He built a snowman. A really tall snowman.


A really tall snowman with a 3-D nose.


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New Year, New Stuff!

Oh dear, how delinquent I have been in posting on Zahra Does. I should just change the section to “Zahra Does Stuff Rarely”. But hey, it might be March but it’s also a new year! And with a new year comes new resolutions and awesomely grand plans to improve, most of which are never realized. It’s expected!

2010 has brought great changes for us: we both got new jobs, I have finally gotten a KitchenAid stand mixer and a Le Creuset dutch oven, and, two years later, I gave in and we bought a wedding band for me. Official married lady status: ACHIEVED.

Since it’s almost spring (hello Norooz in less than a week!!), lemme just tell you that it was an insanely snowy winter. And you know what else? My Texas-made boots are USELESS in the snow. I found this out the hard way.


Zahra Nourani in the snow. It happened.

They soak the melted snow right in and freeze my toes.


We had the awesome chance of being at the Grand Canyon when it snowed too. It was super beautimous. I apologize for the hugeness of the photos, but I thought they were way too pretty-ful not to share!


But you know, the best part of the winter was that we had about 2 months of down-time to enjoy everything. So hey, there are benefits to unemployment!

Pretty pretty benefits.


If you ever get the chance, do go see the Grand Canyon during the winter. It’s spectacular.

And then go eat a whole lot of broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl. It’s the right thing to do.

Now that it’s almost spring, I will *try* my utmost to at least post regularly on the goings-on. Random, mundane, everyday goings-on. Doesn’t that sound riveting??


Here’s to the spring! Hope there are more pictures to document it than there were for the winter!

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