Zahra Does

Bill In My House!

I just loaded a whole bunch of pictures from my camera onto my computer and there were a couple pictures I did not take.

They were shocking.


Clinton, Bill Clinton.


In a fedora.


In my house. Weirddd.

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Laundry Cats

Is it really that hard being a cat? Because they just always seem to be sleeping.

And getting in the way. By sleeping.


Sometimes I do laundry. I have a System. Neil makes fun of my System but it works!

Occasionally. Every once in a while really.

See, in the System, you must do everything methodically. Whites are a separate load. Darks are a separate load. Reds are a separate load. Unmentionables are a separate load.

Do you see my problem?

No? Alright, I’ll tell you.

My mom raised me right. Oh yes she did. She taught me not to waste water and by golly do I live by that. So I will not do a load of laundry if it is anything less than full. And full on the “Large load” setting full. That’s a lot of laundry and only two people live here.

Two people and two cats. But the cats don’t need their underwear washed that often.


The System requires me to wash and dry, wash and dry, wash and dry, and wash and dry some more. And since the laundry has built up to such an enormous mountain, it takes quite a few wash/dry cycles to get them all done. All the while, I must be hanging and folding up the clothes between each wash/dry cycle since, if I don’t, the clothes will end up on the floor and therefore be “dirty” again. And have I mentioned how much I hate hanging and folding?

There are times that I have just had enough of the overflowing laundry basket and just wash them all. In these cases, I’m left with many many single socks between loads. The lonely socks are left wondering where their mates have gone to. Have they fallen into a pant leg only to fall out later? Has their beloved been mixed in with the darks? The reds? Or *gasp* the Unmentionables? Or have their other halves fallen *gulp* behind the washing machine?

Anything is possible when you live by The System.


Do the cats help when I lose socks? Never.

Not once has Bella offered to help me find the single lost sock. No ma’am. She just enjoys the warmth left behind by the freshly dried laundry I just folded and takes a nap.


Does Dante even care? Oh no he doesn’t. He’s more interested in becoming the next Cat in the Box.

Dante, it was a Cat in the Hat, not a box sweetie. Now get off the internet and back to sleeping on a chair somewhere.


Sometimes they even drag off the laundry with them. You know, to play with. Because that’s normal doncha know. But then they turn on the adorable-face and you just can’t help but be ok with their uselessness.

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Shoes, shoes everwhere and not a rack to spare

Ok. I have a lot of shoes. There. I’ve said it.

But it’s not my fault! It’s just that shoes in my size just seem to go on sale a lot. And who can resist a good shoe sale?


See, it just so happens that department stores and all kinds of shoe stores put out their smallest size (usually a 6 or 6 1/2) on display because they figure that not many people wear that size and they’ll have fewer display snatchers.

Oh but man oh man, do I snatch those display shoes up quick. Hm. That sounded criminal. I just snatch them up and put it on my feet to decide whether or not I should buy them.


Usually by the time I’ve decided to snatch a shoe and place it on my foot, I’ve also agreed to make it mine.

Anyways, these display shoes always go on sale because, let’s be honest, would you rather buy a shoe that hasn’t been sitting out and gathering dust for a few dollars more than a dusty one?

Not I said the Zahra.

I grab those deals like my life depended on them.


And that’s why we find ourselves here. Four shoe racks later (there’s one in the closet with shoes I don’t particularly care for yet will wear on occasion) and now have room to grow. Finally.

Since I took these pictures, I’ve bought only one pair of shoes. 3 weeks, 1 pair of shoes, I know what you’re thinking, my need for deals has gotten better.


So instead, let’s speak of this key rack I absolutely love. It was the first thing we put up when we moved because it makes the place feel a whole lot more home-like.

And then I commenced to decorate the apartment with my shoes.

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The Adventures with Catnip

I’ve always had a secret pact with myself to never become a crazy cat lady. But alas, I’m already crazy and cats are what I do have. The lady-ness is a given, of course.

But here we are, bored on a weekday night when I decide that it would be a good idea to sprinkle a good amount of catnip on the kitchen floor to see what the kitties would do. And man, they went caraaaaazaaaaay.

Dante roll

At first, it was just Dante. He figured out something funky was going down in the kitchen and was instantly mesmerized and started rolling around the floor.

Bella joining in the fun

Then, as he proceeded to see if he could eat all the catnip, Bella came to investigate.

Roll roll roll

That’s when Dante waged a war on the kitchen chair. It was on!

Oh so fun

Oh how these cats rolled. They were absolutely covered in that stuff.

Fight #1

Then, things took a turn when Dante decided to abandon his battle with the chair and declare war on a more animate adversary.

Fight #2

It was brutal.

Fight #3

*No cats were harmed in the catnip-using household.

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Playing in the Playground

Because I’m the super cool person that I am (and because Neil asked me to take photographs of something other than the cats, food or him) I ran around our complex taking photographs of different things. But I think my most favorite pictures were taken on the playground.

safety first

I’m just a little bit older than this. Yes, just a bit. But I can say with certainty that I don’t look a day over 12!

tunnel vision

And you can bet your bottom dollar that I climbed the slide and took pictures in and through and by the tunnel.

artsy fartsy

I even took a photo of the handle! Oh how nice.

But that really isn’t the point of this post, believe it or not. Sure I took 100+ pictures with only a handful of actually good photographs, but the question I pose to you today is this:


What is this fruit?? Our complex has quite a few of these trees and these trees have given quite a few of this fruit.

so many of them!

See? They’re everywhere! And they smell lovely.

on the tree

For you tree-knowers, this is what the leaves look like… and this is what the fruit looks like in the tree!

I would really like to be able to gather some and make a pie. Gross, I know. I mean who gathers their food nowadays? How archaic of me.


But seriously, I would like to save some of them if they’re edible. Because inevitably, they end up underneath the tires of some car and get squashed. And that is just oh so sad.

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