My very own tofu stir-fry

With cheese!

I make many variations of this dish simply because it is a quick and easy (and very filling!) dinner. There’s no right or wrong way to do it and you can use whatever you have on hand at the time.

I did it this way on this particular day:

Zahra’s Tofu stir fry

1 tbsp salted butter
1 tsp minced garlic
3 scallions
1 diced carrot
1/2 package extra firm tofu (I like to dice mine)
Soy sauce
1 tbsp firmly packed brown sugar
salt and pepper to taste


1. In a saucepan, put your butter and garlic, you don’t need to melt the butter yet. I jumped the gun a little and did it anyways.

Chopped scallions

2. Chop up some scallions

Other veggies

4. Turn on the stove to a medium-high heat setting. Add the scallions and any other vegetables you have  at that time. Yummy veggies I’ve added in the past have included zucchini and squash and broccoli. Spinach is also extra delicious here. It was almost grocery day so I didn’t have anything other than carrots that day.

Tofu slices

5. Slice the tofu into 1/4″ slices. You can then leave them like this or dice ’em up. I almost always do.

Soy Sauce

6. Let all these ingredients hang out for a while. Salt and pepper them while they’re hangin’. Then, add in a splash of soy sauce! Try not to splash outside the saucepan as I do.

Brown sugar

7. Do you know how delicious a soy sauce and brown sugar combination is? Well, it’s super delicious. You should try it.

8. And serve with a starch of your choice! I had pasta so I used pasta. And then I doused everything in grated pepper jack cheese because I love cheese. Oh so much.

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4 Responses to “My very own tofu stir-fry”

  1. Leyla says:

    Wow Zahra! I’m going to have to try this recipe and make my dad eat this when I get home. Question though, would olive oil work instead of butter?

  2. Zahra says:

    Of Course! These aren’t hard and fast recipes at all, I was just all out of olive oil. 😀

  3. Sara says:

    Dear Zahra,
    I like that you do alot of cooking and you’re food looks especially deliscious but i am going to be a freshman in college. I don’t think i’ll have time to cook food and plus i don’t have a kitchen in my dorm. But i know that a healthy diet is something that i know i should pay attention to next year. can you suggest any meal that doesnt require a stove or oven?


  4. Zahra says:

    Hi Sara! *waves!*

    I’ll do a bit about microwave-able and non-cook-able things later. For instance, you can make yummy baked potatoes… without baking it! All you need is a microwave and some patience. But I’ll need to chronicle (and practice) making it with pictures and all. Look for it sometime in the next week.

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