How to peel a Potato

Do you own a potato peeler? Those oh so very useful devices that peel those oh so wonderful potatoes? Oh you do? Then you shouldn’t read this page.

Because, dear internet, I do not have one. And since I’ve discovered the secret to peeling potatoes with a knife so fast and efficiently, I don’t think I will be buying one in the near future either.

So here’s how you do it:

A knife and a potato

Start with a potato and a knife. You don’t have to use the largest knife you own like I do. It’s just that my trusty santoku knife is my all-time favorite knife. It’s so sharp! You need a sharp knife in the kitchen. It is a must.

Stabilize the end

Now, we’re gonna stabilize the potato by making a small cut along the bottom. Make sure you run the knife through at a 90 degree angle! That way, the potato will be able to stand up on its own on the cutting board.

Position knife at the top

Like so. Now pretend I’m holding the potato. Start at the top and run your knife along the edge of the potato.

Run knife along the side making a thin slice

Take care that you’re only PEELING the potato. Not slicing it. You don’t wanna lose too much of the yummy potato-ness along with the skin.

Keep going around the potato

Continue doing this all around the potato.


Until you’re done! Then give yourself a pat on the back and a thumbs up. And then go eat four cookies. You’ve earned it.

Shiny and naked

See how nice and shiny and…naked your potato will be?? Awesome.

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