How to pit a cherry

Some of you probably have super swanky cherry pitters. Me, I never bought into that, mainly because I couldn’t justify buying an entire contraption for the sole purpose of pitting cherries and only cherries. So when I came across this article, I knew there was hope!

Now, don’t make fun of my blurry pictures. I really did try to make them as clear as I could. It’s not my fault!

Here is what you need:

An icing tip (round is best but you can use any kind your heart desires)
Somewhere to make a cherry juice mess.

Pastry tip

Start with a pastry tip. Stainless steel or plastic or whatever you may have on hand.

Pastry tip and Cherry

Put one cherry (the side where you removed the stem side down) onto the pastry tip.

Pressing on cherry

And then press!!!

Protruding cherry

Press until the pit comes right out.


And there you have it. A cherry with its pit taken right out. Without a cherry pitter.


And after you’ve pitted a gajillion cherries and sliced them into two with the biggest knife you own, you will have a cherry juice crime scene. Don’t tell my mother.

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