Microwave Corn “Pudding”

The other day my sister sent this comment:

I like that you do a lot of cooking and you’re food looks especially delicious but I am going to be a freshman in college. I don’t think I’ll have time to cook food and plus I don’t have a kitchen in my dorm[…] Can you suggest any meal that doesnt require a stove or oven?

After seeing this post over at 101 Cookbooks, I realized that this is a serious problem encountered by many stove and oven-less college students! I’d gotten lucky with my apartment “dorm” life and had never known a life of just a microwave and meal plans.

So here’s my attempt at producing meals using only the microwave.

However, I have to be honest, this isn’t actually a “pudding” or a “casserole” or anything fancy like that.  A pudding would have heavy whipping cream in it. A casserole would have eggs in it. This has neither. It is a simple side dish that makes regular ol’ canned corn a bit more exciting. And yes, canned corn can be exciting.


Here it is:

Microwave Corn “Pudding”

1 can corn (any brand)
2 tbsp milk
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp butter
1 1/2 tbsp grated cheddar cheese

Start with corn

1. Open your can of corn. I use an old school can opener and I love it so.

Spread in a small dish and add milk

2. Spread in a microwave safe dish and add 2 tbsp of milk.

Salt and pepper

3. Salt and pepper it as much as you like.


4. Now, you don’t have to, but I absolutely love cheese, so I added 1 1/2 tablespoons of grated cheddar cheese. Then, mix all ingredients lightly.

Dot with butter

5. Dot with butter. You don’t have to go all crazy here, even though it’s tempting. This is just to keep the corn from drying out while it cooks. 1 tsp should be plenty.

Set in microwave

6. Set in microwave for 5-6 minutes. I don’t have a rotating tray so I turned the dish 180 degrees halfway through the cooking process.

Maman, I washed the inside of my microwave before I made anything so the pictures would come out nice and clean. Are you proud of me??


7. Remove from the microwave and set on a flat surface for 5 minutes. The corn will still be cooking during that time, so it needs that extra chill time. Afterwards, dish out and enjoy!

Next up: microwave “baked” potatoes and microwave brownies!

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  1. Jessica Williams says:

    Suggestion: for the baked potatoes…wrap them in seran wrap. It keeps the heat in and eliminates the step with foil.

    I am a pro when it comes to microwaved dinners. It’s how I survived for four years. 🙂

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