“Fancy” Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese sandwiches? No one around here, that’s for sure.

This recipe isn’t anything new, mothers have been whipping out these babies for years. I should probably just post this under the “How-To” section but it’s a recipe.


So here you are.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

2 pieces of bread
Some cheese, of your choice, I used provolone
Some meat or “meat”, I used the Tofurky brand “Salami”… it’s better than the “Turkey”, trust me.
Some butter


1. Spread one slice of bread generously with butter. This is the butter you’re gonna be using for grilling, so don’t despair. Slather it on there thick.

Set Stove

2. Set a small saucepan on your stove and set to the “medium” setting.

Grease it up

3. Put your bread onto the saucepan, butter-side down. Wait until you hear it sizzle.


4. Flip your bread over and pile on your cheese.

oh the "meat"

5. And your “meat” if you so choose. I find that it gives your sammich a little oomph. I piled on another two slices of provolone on top of this after I took this picture. Because I love cheese THAT much.


6. Set the other slice back on top to make a sandwich!


7. Cover the saucepan and wait about 2 minutes. You can check to see if your bread has been grillified yet, but 2 minutes should do it.

Flip it. Flip it good.

8. Flip and wait another minute or so.


9. Remove and enjoy!

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