Our New Favorite Sandwich

I’ve been sick for pretty much the past week and it’s been awful. I haven’t been hungry or motivated to cook or anything. Now that I’m the recovery, I’d like to share our new favorite sandwich with you.

It ain’t fancy schmancy or anything of the sort, BUT I used a technique Bobby Flay taught me. Yes, Bobby Flay teaches me cooking techniques.

To create the “smokey” flavor of grilling when you don’t have a grill, all you have to do is pour about a tablespoon of liquid smoke on the bottom of a baking sheet and set it under the oven broiler for about a minute.


Take out the pan and set another pan on top of it with your grillin’ stuffs. I used portabellos of course. I drizzled a bit of olive oil on top and sprinkled my new favorite ingredient: Lawry’s lemon pepper.


Set under the broiler for about 4 minutes per side. I used the final 4 minutes to also heat up and crunchyize the hoagies.


Then, assemble! We topped the mushrooms with avocados…


and carmalized onions…


and cheese! I also spread some barbeque sauce on one side of the hoagies. Just for fun. (To my siblings, that was your Nacho quote, thank you)


Did Neil like this sandwich attempt??


He sure did! (Neil, I’m sorry, but I just had to post it! <3)

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3 Responses to “Our New Favorite Sandwich”

  1. I love the irony of eating a vegetarian sandwich and drinking out of a Dickey’s BBQ cup 🙂

  2. Zinab says:

    He is soooooooo lucky to have such a wife! You are awesome!

  3. Sara says:

    I’m making this sandwich right now!!!!

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