Stuffed Jalapenos

This was a fun little experiment since I’ve never bought jalapenos before. But you really can’t go wrong and you can stuff them with whatever you like!

Unrelated, the day that I bought the jalapenos from Wal Marty, I got into a fight with another lady… over a bunch of bananas. It was the perfect bunch, no blemishes, no bruises, eight in the bunch. Beautiful. The lady and I reached out for the bunch at the same time, but I touched it first. And as playground rules clearly state: whoever touches it first, owns it. Therefore, that bunch was mine. After a really awkward exchange/argument, I dropped my bananas into my cart and ran off. I’m a winner.

Woo baby

Anyways, stuffed jalapenos. Here’s how I made ’em:

Stuffed Jalapenos

6 jalapenos
1/4 cup steamed or sauteed chopped spinach
1/2 package cream cheese
1 scallion
1/2 tsp garlic, minced
Salt and pepper to taste
Optional: Parmesan cheese for sprinkling

uno jalapeno

Take your lovely washed jalapeno…

Off with his head

and off with his head!

Split down the middle

Slice it down the middle.


Scrape out the seeds with a spoon. I’m not big into spiciness, so I took out all the seeds. You can leave some if you like little fireworks in your mouth. I won’t judge you.

Onion and garlic

1. Chop up the scallion and mince the garlic.

Add in some spinach

2. Add in the 1/4 cup steamed or sauteed spinach. I sauteed mine with about a tablespoon of canola oil.

Mix in cream cheese

3. Add in the cream cheese and mix it. Mix it good.


4. Take your mixture and stuff each half of your jalapenos.

Extra filling and tomatoes

5. I used 5 jalapenos instead of the 6 that would have been appropriate for this recipe, so I split a tomato in half and scraped out the inside and stuffed it as well. Then, sprinkle everything with some Parmesan cheese.


Look how purdy it is!

6. Bake for about 25-30 minutes in a 375 degree oven or until the jalapenos are soft but not shrively.

Oh the delicoiusness

And that’s it! I made some broccoli cheddar rice that night to serve it with and it went perfectly!

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  1. Those look great! I’m going to have to try that.

  2. solaleh says:

    mmmmmmm this looks sooo good but so do your other recipes. maybe i shouldn’t have looked at these while fasting…hmm bummer

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