Lemon Orzo Soup

People are sick here in the Nourani/Duffy household. Both people who live here to be exact. And what’s better for a sick person than soup??

The answer, is nothing. In case you were really needing to know.

Tonight’s soup comes from the desire for something creamy, the aspiration to use orzo in something, and the need for something quick, comforting, lemony, and soupy. This soup achieved all of the above.

Yes, you dirty many dishes, but trust me, it’s worth it.


Let’s get going.

Lemon Orzo Soup

6 cups broth of your choosing (I chose this organic mushroom stuff I picked up a while ago)
2 egg yolks
2 egg whites (so hey, it works out. Get out 2 eggs!)
1 lemon (I had tiny ones, so I used 2)
Salt, pepper and dried parsley to taste
1 cup orzo


1. Set your broth in a pot and bring to a low boil.


2. Take the peel off one lemon…


… and drop it right into the broth! While you’re at it, juice that lemon into the broth as well. I added my orzo at this step as well. It only takes about 8 minutes for it to cook to perfection.


3. Separate the yolks from the whites. And beat each one until thick and frothy.


My very chipped nail indicates that I poured some lemon juice into the yolks as well.


Stiff-ish peaks are desirable for the whites.


4. Now, pour the yolks into the whites and gently fold them together until incorporated.


5. Now, you want to temper your eggs before you stir it into the hot soup. We’re not making egg drop soup remember. So, one ladle at a time, pour in some hot soup into your egg mixture and mix it well until the egg is pretty warm.

6. Then, turn off the heat, take the whole tempered eggs bowl and stir it right into the soup! Stir until it all looks uniform and lovely.


Serve with a bit of dried parsley flakes (or the real stuff if you have some on hand) and garlic bread. Everything should be served with garlic bread for that matter.


Um. I went a bit overboard with the parsley. Pardon my mess.

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