Norooz Mobarak!!

I think Norooz 1389 (this year) has been the biggest one yet in the Nourani household. It fell on the weekend after Spring Break and we had plenty of time to prepare for it.

Haft seen

This was our Haft Seen (spread with 7 things starting with the Persian letter “S”)

From the lower left and going clockwise, we had:

1. Sonbol (hyacinth)
2. Sekkeh (coins- they’re in that pedastaled crystal bowl, I promise!)
3. Somagh (sumac)
4. Senjed (dried fruit of the Lotus tree)
5. Serkeh (vinegar)
6. Sabzeh (wheat sprouts)
7. Seeb (apples)

Our spread was made complete with Chili, our maahi (fish), tokhmeh morgh (eggs), sha’m (candles), shirini (pastries) and Deevaneh Haafez for a subsequent fortune telling (for lack of better translation of the Persian word faal) from the poetry of Haafez.


My dad is the poetry buff, so he was charged with the task of taking the faal.

According to the Persian tradition, on Norooz (the new year), one will hold a question in mind and then ask Haafez for guidance through his poetry. The question is to be a broad inquiry to set the mood for the upcoming year. Traditionally, the first line that catches the eye of the reader will give the answer to the direct question (the poems are divided and labeled as good, bad, and neutral) and the rest of the ghazal will give further clarification.


At the start of spring here in Texas, it snowed. So we brought the tulips inside.


It was a great year for presents. There were tons of them!





I think it’ll be a good year. The spring started with snow and today there is a high of 65. Texas weather, you’re amazing.

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